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#272045 - I wouldn’t say l have a high sex drive, it’s more l’m a cock lover, the size, shape, feel and the hot sticky salty tasting liquid that l’m sometimes fed or have shot over me, but what really gets my whole body tingling is when l have my inside filled, and to get what l want it’s necessary for me to hang around our local park waiting to be chatted up, if l’m not taken behind the bushes to be fucked and filled then l’m taken to a cubical in the gent’s toilets. I was expecting to hear my husband shout ‘what the fuck is going on’, but he stepped back onto the landing to watch me being fucked by the deliveryman, his hot thick creamy liquid load flooded my inside, l was gulping in air as gush after gush of his spunk spat from the end of his cock, when he had emptied the contents of his balls inside me the guy got from between my legs to dress. Before long l was topless then l lost my skirt and knickers then put on to my knees to have a cock stuffed into my mouth, his hands gripped the side

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