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#403706 - After a few more minutes she got up and went to shower accompanied by the other girls who had been watching and who now also wanted now to freshen up, I in followed them into the bathroom with my cock still rock hard but when I looked into the mirror I was shocked at the face that stared back at me, my whole lower face was coated in cum, my hair was a mess and I looked completely shattered, I filled the wash hand basin and washed my face and hair, “ do you want me to take care of that” Debbie asked as she gripped my hard cock, “maybe later” I said “its too sensitive just now” and with that I returned to the lounge where I found all the guys, the place was a mess, my leather arm chair had a thick ribbon of sperm over its full length, I took a tissue and began to mop it up “sorry about that “ said Tim “Debbie’s boob wank went astray” , “That’s ok” I replied and slumped down in my seat, I looked around and saw that all their cocks were flaccid and wondered if that was the end of the eveni

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