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#33671 - I drove home, helped the kids in with there parcels Pete Helped while the 4 children ran ahead opening the doors, Kelly ran through to the kitchen and made drinks for Pete and myself, as we got comfortable the 2 youngest wanted to call for their friends I said ok and they disappeared. As I dressed Kelly and Lisa walked into my room Lisa said shit I was hoping to catch you naked I called her a hussy and laughed at the look on her face, Lisa then said so you've had Kelly then? I smiled but said nothing, I asked Lisa is she was coming with us or are you going home, She replied I am definitely coming, I don’t know why but this worried me. We continued down the centre browsing in shop windows entering some stores, we entered a large dress store and the 3 girls decided they wanted to try some clothes on me not thinking said it would be ok, Lilly came back to me to try a couple of dresses I went to the changing rooms to get an assistant to take lilly in and help her, after a whil

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