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#117040 - When I asked Rebecca to come up after Regina she acted like she didn’t hear me so I got a small whip out of the cabinet and told them that she will be punished because when I tell the to do something I expect them to do it after cuffing her to the bench I struck her on her ass I went up and down on her ass and thighs until she was screaming and crying and my dick hard as a rock when I get to twenty I asked her to thank me and when she didn’t I went right back to work on her ass when I stopped she said thank you Master Andre. He told me that they got a call from a sheik who is looking for a slave and wanted to know if I had any untrainable I told him I don’t think so right now although I had one who is very playful and knows how to use her mouth I mean the girl made cum quickly he laughed and ask which one when I pointed her out he asked if I minded if he gave her a test drive I told him to go for it in fact I told him to be really rough with her. I tell Emily that she will be punish

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