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#415765 - Korra, Raiden and Tenzin sat around the small lounge table in the airtemple as they had a small meal before she began her training and Raiden went out to get more members for his Order, still unknown to both Korra an Tenzin. And in the final round the Buzzard Wasps won with a decisive knockout! What do you say we go to the Arena tonight, catch a few pro-bending matches! Korra exclaimed excitedly to Raiden and Tenzin That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending Tenzin replied sternly Come on Tenzin, I've dreamed about seeing a pro-bendi match since I was a Kid, and now I'm just ferry ride away from the arena! You can let Raiden take me there too if you want to make sure I'm protected Korra said persuasively Korra, you're not here to watch that drivel, You're here to finish your Avatar training, so for the time being I want you to remain on the island, besides Korra, Raiden is going into the city anyway to catch up with old conta

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