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#371229 - As you have only ruined one stocking and they are $40 a pair I am going to give you 20 with my hand as your punishment A meek yes sir was all the encouragement I needed to proceed Count was all I said as I slowly but firmly started my hands action On the 4 count I felt a wet spot on my leg but not knowing if it was Precum from me or If this was as I suspected exciting for her On the next strIke I pushed a finger between her thighs I am came out very wet so I pushed her knees further apart for better access For the next few strikes I would rub her cunt after each stroke soon after the 10th stroke kim started to moan This kept up till her moan became quite feverish and her bottom started to squirm on my lap Virtually on the 20th stroke She cried out out and fell off my lap to the floor cumming I quickly grabbed some Kerchiefs and pressed them between her thighs no sense ruining the dress and after a few she got to her knees And looked up at me From under those Auburn curls With a fire

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