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#166811 - Over the next few weeks this almost became a nightly event until one night Mr Smith had already filled my arse and I was fucking Mrs Smith when I heard the door open and close, as I turned around I noticed four male clients standing there all holding their cocks in their hands and one was holding a video camera (later I found out it wasn’t turned on) it was then that the first male leaned forward and said do you mind if I stick my cock in you tight little arse, before I could reply he had already pushed his cock head towards my hole, as he entered I felt a sharp sting in my arse as he felt quite large, I must have been as he said tight because just as he started to thrust he started to fill my bowels, he then turned his head and told the other three, this man pussy is the tightest he has ever had, the next male was a short fat man with a small stubby cock, he had to lift up his belly as he shoved his cock in, although short and fat this man meant business he pounded me for 5 minutes an

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Banri settsu
Dear deluxgirll thank you for sharing with us another superb hentai it is so enjoyable to see you your gifted body and your gorgeous smile
Francis drake
Both of us would just dive right into that inviting perfect pussy of yours we love you