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#201134 - taking my shot trying to get the six ball in a corner pocket i make my shot but the six ball bounces off the corner ask away do you have a girlfriend Katrina asks a little wide eyed i said no i don't she smiles and takes her next shot missing damn she said what kind of music do you listen to? pop and classic rock i take my next shot sinking the 10 ball how about you give me a little kiss on the cheek smiling she says ok i kneel down a little so she can reach me she gets up close she hugs my arm squeezing it between her small boobs and kisses me on the cheek i could feel her tongue lick me my dick is now fully hard all 7 inches she looks down at my bulge and smiles. i was just about to sink the eight ball when i saw a little girl with beautiful straight red hair pail white skin wearing a tight black top and tight jeans she had maby a small B cup tits with a small but shapely ass. she pushes back into me probing her tongue into my mouth i foll

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Nero yuzurizaki
She must taste so good
Rea sanka
Kyon no imouto
I bet they chew a shit ton of ments before this