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#226790 - (George,Susans husband was brought out as was Leroy ,Kikis husband ) Both ladies gave their husbands golden showers & then they told them to fuck off , ( it was in the ) Chapter 3 Rose is getting her ass eaten by Kiki , as Susan licks her cunt Upon orgasming , Mistress Rose leaves the scene & Kiki and Susan are lead to the showers and their dressing room to dress into something new for their next scene. As Norma bobbed , Rose grabbed her head and made sure the granny nearly choked on her owners monster dong . Chapter 1 Susan & Kiki were both collared , leashed, wearing nose & nipple rings along with their standard spiked heels , the company filmed them in the waiting room (sitting on the sofa )as both ladies waited & used their hubands as footstools as they waited for MIstress Rose to bring them out to set.

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Reika saionji
Thanks taboojake
Kotomi ichinose
On a scale from 1 to 10 10 being the best she is obviously a 14 with a bullet and a fuck me please all over her and you i would given half a chance 3 helpings please