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#159095 - By this time my cock was fully erect and I wanted to fuck her brains out but I was going to deflower her throat first! I un buttoned my black Dockers and unzipped the zipper then yanked them down exposing my rock hard cock as I hadn’t been wearing no boxers that day. The head of my cock rubbed up against her hymen (cherry for all you idiots) she froze in fear as her whole body tensed hoping I was not about to take her virginity. When she seen the smirk on my face she started crying and shaking again knowing what was going to happen to her she struggled to her feet fighting the bindings on her hands and she jumped towards the knife.

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A legenda polui a tela e quase ninguem gosta de punheta guida em outro idioma perde o sentido mas eu adoro vc e que a legenda atrapalha a experiencia parece um filme e perde a imersao
Ryoko hakubi
Nice ass babe i like it
Fuuka ayase