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#151618 - I followed her in as she was sitting down and before she could start I went up to her, leaned in and kissed her while sliding a hand between her legs and closely cupping her pussy, at first she hesitated but then she relaxed and started to pee. “hmm stop that” she said unconvincingly, “why” I asked, “I didn’t only come in here to pee” she said, I started rubbing her ass again and I knew she was going to shit, “hmm” she moaned as I felt her give in to the inevitable stimulus, what felt like a long, soft, solid crap passed by my fingers, I continued to massage her ass and another pushed my fingers away as it came out with surprising speed, then she peed again and I rinsed my fingers off in her stream before I took them out and tasted the piss on them, it was stronger than last time but still so sexy. I quickly pushed my finger in then pulled out almost all the way then in again quicker, building up speed, my finger lubed with my own piss was slippery against the inside of her ass, very

Read Ball Sucking Touhou TSF 1 Youmu ni Hyoui - Touhou project Rough Fuck Touhou TSF 1 Youmu ni Hyoui

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