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#390886 - v. Lifted her upwards away from my cock and twisted her so I could take her cunt to my mouth I pushed my tongue deep getting a full taste of her for the first time, she never said a word although she mound aloud she trough her head back and shook I continued lapping and plunging my tongue in she shook and trmbled and through her head back shivered shock and collapased over me I knew she had orgasmed I picked her up laid her on her back opened her legs climed between them and pushed my cock to her opening I thrust into her hard my full length travelled inside her my balls slapped her ass I held myself there for a few seconds enjoying the heat I slowly pulled out and drove myself in again she squealed and shuddered I did this for some time then slowed my pace and twisted my body as I slowly moved in and out all this time she was squeaking and panting I wasn't going to last much longer so I sped up pumping in and out, Kelly's back arched she was cuming again I was about to

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