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#310427 - He kept grunting and huffing as his penis kept drilling me, his hands were the only thing keeping me steady as they were holding around my huge behind as if to make sure I would take his entire penis within me, I came out of my coma state when he directed my head towards him and began to suck and kiss my tongue, I began to taste the essence of his tongue that had been within me and it made me clench his dick even more, he grunted and commented that his dick was getting sucked in and the feeling of his dick forcing itself passed certain points within me kept me coming more than before. He was a tall person taller than my husband and my son, he was dressed in a thick orange undershirt with a logo I could not understand and oversized blue jeans that kept falling down revealing his white underwear. His member was all inside me and I could feel every single blood vein of his dick pulsating within me, Malik grunted and exclaimed how tight I was, I did not hear him, the long thick monster p

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