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#416532 - Sherri loved blowing Kenny because he always had so much cum for her!!! Sherri stood up and kissed Kenny on the cheek and said, Thanks for the sugar! Anytime kid, he answered, anytime! On the way back to class, Sherri and Gloria stopped to talk to Amy about meeting after school to do homework. Taking off her sweatshirt revealed a large chest in a lacy low cut bra, and Sherri was surprised a the frills because Amy always seemed to dress kind of sloppy and tomboyish! Off came her khaki work pants and Amy soon was standing there in her bra and panties, but without even a moment's hesitation, she unhooked her bra and stepped out of her panties. More urgently now, Sherri bored in on her target, as the room now filled with the sounds of Sherri's loud cunt lapping and Amy's soft moaning! Gloria was sitting over in the corner working on her own clit, unable to believe how much sucking Sherri needed just to keep going! The harder she sucked, the louder Amy's gr

Read Jizz Kanchigai shi ta Chikan Shuudan【Ch.3】 Ballbusting Kanchigai shi ta Chikan Shuudan【Ch.3】

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