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#308554 - “Okay” Ellen said finally giving in to the sensuality of the moment “if you want it you have to beg for it” “Please Mrs Johnson can I have some of your wee wee” “and where do you want it little slut” “on my hair then all over my face and body” “And why would I give it to you” “because I’m your dirty little slut” “Okay now put it all together” “Please Mrs Ellen Johnson, can you piss all over my hair and face so I can be you dirty little slut” A golden stream leapt from Ellen’s urethra hitting Frankie square in the forehead. She could have watched stayed and watch for hours but she was so close, she felt like watching was a waste of this glorious opportunity. Frankie who was not anticipating the power or pace of the gushing torrent yelped slightly and closed her eyes but managed not to flinch or move backwards.

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Notice how chinks always have nice hooters i dated a chink once she had nice hooters
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She has a great ass
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U tell a good story i like it