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#229800 - Friday mid- morning Jim dropped me at the Airport for my flight to Sydney to meet Cindy, I kissed him good bye & walked into the terminal and went to the Qantas lounge reception, the cute guy behind the counter checked my ID and handed over the pre booked ticket suggesting that I had an hours wait and that I should enjoy the hospitality of the club whilst I waited for my flight. Finally the tender came back & John ferried Chad, Samantha & I to the beach leaving Captain Nick to look after the Lady Jane. My tongue probing the depths of her pussy, juices running down my chin between the folds of her labia continuing to excite both of us as her orgasm over took her, I removed my cock from her mouth, turning around on the sofa I mounted her in the missionary position and gently eased into her pussy and ever so slowly began moving in & out of her moist vagina.

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