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#408513 - i showed her my licence and she handed my keys over i thought it was strange to ask me for id to prove they are my keys but then i remembered what car i drive and thought it was a good idea. this woman was a new member of staff and asked me for id for my keys. i left harvey to go get ready when i got home i told my mom i wont be home for dinner tonight and that i was having my meal at harveys house my mom had calm down over the harvey matter and said use a condom we laughed and i said no really i am going for a meal so i walked off to my bedroom to get changed i got into a prada shirt and a pair of black boss pants i redid my hair and brush my teeth again i went down stairs to ask my mom if she would drive me to school so i could pick up my car she agreed and took me there.

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Takumi mukai
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