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#216781 - My heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing and Linda’s lips appeared to be opening as she gently pushed back onto my knob while continuing to stare at the scene before her. On the way back from the swimming hole one day she was walking with us to go to the shops a bit further on than we were going and as we crossed through the local school paddock we spotted a Ram and a Ewe chained up in the thigh high lush green grass, the Ram was chasing the Ewe all over the place but as his chain ran out before hers he was not able to mount her. I decided to try a bit of anal so added some more saliva and pushed my cock head into her bumhole but Linda complained it hurt to much so I went back to her bum crack then a small jab at her hole every now and then trying to get her used to it but nothing worked so I got worked up enough to reach my orgasm and pushed my cock head into her bum and let my cum fill her bum, “well that didn’t do much for me” laughed Linda.

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