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#240607 - In my dream I was wandering in the darkness towards a light and when I reached it my surroundings changed in a flash I was in a unfamiliar house I looked around for a little while and then the front door opened and I saw myself and my sister walk through the door my arm was casually wrapped around her waist and she was looking at me with a mixture of adoration and desire. Soon after I was sitting in my room I heard a knock on my door “come in” I called it was Maria, she was a complete wreck but still looked great in my eyes she’s about 5’6 and was wearing old jeans and a black sleeveless shirt that was a bit small which made her boobs strain against the fabric and her silky black hair was in a mess that covered most of her face so I couldn’t make out an expression. Later that day I was waiting for my old computer to load up when Maria knocked on my door again, I invited her in but she just stood in the doorway, looking like she was stuck on a rubix cube so I said “don’t hurt y

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This guy is really scary with all of his self mutilations what the fuck has he lost all of self control