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#98161 - but it's a dick now. I stopped everything to enjoy this moment and I could feel my ass torn apart with a smile on my face and precum on my penis and now it's all in going in and in and out in and out slowly at first but then the rhythm was faster and my thrill was bigger with a dick in my ass and another in my mouth things were more exciting they were so surprised that I was enjoying but they didn't know what they were missing but one of the did and he started blowing me the others were chocked he said it seems great he's enjoying it after a few seconds another one asked him well is it?he said yes it is and pretty soon I wasn't the only one fucking and sucking they all did it and they liked it. I said no! mouth mouth I thought I already had it in my mouth and it'll hurt like hell to have it in my ass.

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Emo moegi
We love the bottle action
I love to do this to a willing woman