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#399373 - With that done the farmer then smeared a thick white cream onto her clit, labia, and pubis, the cool cream felt good but she knew it was not an ordinary cream from the hot tingle as it was going into her pubis, This is a hair removal cream the farmer said as he wiped off the cream along with all her pubic hair, It is also permanent, for as long as your are alive your hair will never grow there again he added as he began to hose off cow #234. Entering the slaughter house Mary was place in line behind other meat-girl's younger and prettier then she was waiting for slaughter, looking down the line Mary could see two female slaughter house worker's working the line, one at a time taking the life from each meat-girl who found there throat's under the knives held by the two lovely slaughter worker's, one by one the line shortened bringing Mary one step closer to her impending death, Mary could see each girl before her, she could see the pretty throat of each girl

Read Panty ラミアの花嫁 Doggystyle ラミアの花嫁

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