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#165703 - It was a fine day in in the picturesk village of launchton, or what the locals call it dairylee lunchables Honestly that has to be the worst lunch anyone can give their children   The village was a type of village that every body knew each other and as soon as a new car rolled through the old people grimaced at the sight of it. Because with the seasonal change in climate the rain will start to rust thwt shit So make sure you protect you door hinges As a bonus tip try rubbing shit oj the door, because when the rain sees the shit oj the door it wipl be like hell no i aint raining to to a shit covered shed This 5000 chararcter lomit is rwallly starting to take the piss just like ushers sheets Please check out my other stories, they include in the higest ranked story in the world, if you enjoyed this presentation please read what ever happened happenez l. I got it from my nephews side   Jonny turned to me and said lets fuck I said ll but where He said lets do it in the wa

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