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#187119 - Friday morning, my last full day, we started as normal, Pauline and myself peeing on one another, than a nice warm shower, followed by our internal cleaning, I sent out sms to all the guys, saying today was our last play day and cum around any time, after 11 am, and just come in the back door, it will be open, and bring a friend if possible. I took some poppers and began to work her fist in deeper, she looked in shock, as half her arm went in, my cock inches from her face, Lee was watching his wife fist me, while he fucked Pauline's butt, I was getting close, my balls wanted relief, as I wanked my cock, Carol was licking my cock head, then with one good push, another couple of inches went in, I was now only 2 inchs or so from her elbow, that did it, my cock jerked, reams of cum shot out and Carol was soaked in my man juices. We had been playing for an hour or so, when more guys turned up, Peter, Geoff and Kevin, with another guy too, I was hoping Lee would turn up soon too.

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