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#226061 - the bell rung and everyone left out i approached the teacher um Mr Kelly can you pair me with someone else me and Nate dont get along he hate me im sure you are over reacting Mr Kelly said with a smile its been this way since fifth grade he insisted there was nothing he could do that we would have to get along if we both wanted to past ,with that i walked out the door and turned the corner nathan pinned me against the wall listen queer you will do everything and i will take credit for half of it you understand i pushed him off of me his man handling me started getting my cock hard i agreed to what he was saying to boost his ego i stated walking for the exit sign then i turned hay Nate he turned around fuck you , i'm not doing anything for you you little prick he started to run after me i ran out the door and to my car then started it up and drove off laughing to myself. he sat down at my desk and opened the text book lets get this o

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