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#318560 - she needs her fun too you know, and she definitely had fun!” she laughs out, I start to say something and we hear the doorbell ring “ahhh…saved by the bell, I’ll get it, it’s Charlie” she laughs, running off to open the door, my dick hardens a bit more watching all her lady parts jiggle enticingly “get your shit together, she’s jailbait, and can’t possibly want anything to do with an old man like you anyways!” I thought to myself “besides Charlie is probably her boyfriend or something like that” I continued in my head. ” I set her onto the couch and move between her spread legs, rub the head up and down along her bare slit, paying special attention to her clit, then I push the head into her opening, as she bites her bottom lip, then cries out “oh fuck….

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Poor mike
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