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#360516 - “hmm stop that” she said unconvincingly, “why” I asked, “I didn’t only come in here to pee” she said, I started rubbing her ass again and I knew she was going to shit, “hmm” she moaned as I felt her give in to the inevitable stimulus, what felt like a long, soft, solid crap passed by my fingers, I continued to massage her ass and another pushed my fingers away as it came out with surprising speed, then she peed again and I rinsed my fingers off in her stream before I took them out and tasted the piss on them, it was stronger than last time but still so sexy. We were both pissy and dirty and in need of a shower so we got in the shower together to clean up, as we were washing each other M asked “ would you like a pee enema?” I had to think about that for no time before I knew this would be great fun “I’d love one” I replied, “well we’ll have to plan it then” she said. After a few minutes I felt I could pee so I asked “you sure you want too?, “I’m sure” she said, I relaxed and felt the

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Subaru nakajima
So beautieful
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I need you
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This man knows
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