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#226193 - Amy soon broke off and started to remove Crystals shirt then Amy went down and started sucking on Crystals tits “ohhh yes Amy that feels good” Crystal said enjoying Amy’s warm mouth and tongue play with her nipples as Amy went back from tit to tit Crystal Couldn’t believe how good it was feeling “sit’ Amy said to crystal as she sat on the computer chair “lets just see what’s under here shall we” as Amy lifted Crystals skirt up past her waist “ohh baby that’s beautiful as Amy started to feel Crystals shaved pussy “and you didn’t wear any underwear for me to I like that” “ but lets see how you taste Amy slowly extended her tongue and touched Crystals wet pussy and all through her slit “OOOHH YAHH” Crystal screamed as shocks ran through her body “Ummm baby your so wet and taste so good you like it when I eat you up”? Amy said “YAHHHHH” Crystal said as Amy moved up and started in on her clit Amy started sucking and licking harder and faster “OOOHHH YAAAHHH AMMMYYY” Crystal continued scream

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