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#383242 - Apparently the men had decided that they wanted to have us one by one with those waiting to help maintain their erections and help in any way that was necessary and mum was their first choice, so the escorted her to the chaise longue and lying her down each man took a turn at licking and sucking her cunt and clit and mum was soon having orgasm after orgasm, with her fluids literally flowing out of her and coating the men’s faces which they presented to either Tina or I to lick clean after every turn. My cock and balls would be pulled back and hidden until one of the men found out the truth and then I would only wear the ball stretcher that I had grown to love and no panties.

Read Insane Porn 優太君的姊姊再教育計畫 Rubia 優太君的姊姊再教育計畫

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Emeralda kasim
Yellow one is very good for me
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Freaking cute face
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Beauty i love it