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#131646 - I ask him why? Andre here goes nothing when I was young one of my mother’s friends tried to have sex with me and I remember him touching my dick he was trying to put his finger in me. When the door opens, the bitch is pushed to the floor looking beat up I need to talk to Sonya, she is a pint size dynamo, as the bitch looks up I tell her this is where she will sleep her eye is swollen and her lip is busted and I see a bruise forming on the side of her head. As we are walking to my dungeon he asks about condoms and I tell him no need everyone here is on a six-week testing schedule and if anyone leaves the compound for longer than 3 days they are not allowed to have sex until they get a full panel of course I remind him that he was told this when he first arrived than he says he was not paying attention.

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Larsa ferrinas solidor
Straight fax
Deishuu kaiki
It is so exciting my legs are all shattered with pleasure