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#207774 - My girls aunt told some joke and everyone was crying in laughter especially Rya since it was about her she fell to the floor on her stomach just rolling around laughing as she rolled on the floor her dress came up and lawd I felt my dick get as hard as a brick when I saw her little dark blue panties slightly wedged between her little Ass cheeks she was down there for at least 3 mins before she got up to step outside and answer a call from her boyfriend. As I continued rubbing her Ass I crept my fingers to her little entrance where her panties where soaking in her own juices I slipped one finger passed her panties and gently rubbed her little pussy entrance as I began inserting my finger into her I can hear her slight moans and her tongue vibrating on my cock she was sucking my cock so well at this point I didn't even care who she was I knew I had to be inside of her I began fucking her with my fingers for about 3 minutes when she stopped me and said she wanted to feel me Inside her.

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