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#322090 - I want you in me daddy I felt like a desperate slut but I knew he was the one, he smiled with pleasure boy he said kissing me again and then he grabbed his huge thick cock and pushed against my tight asshole the tip of his cock pushing into me I broke the kiss wrapped my arms around him digging my nails into his back OOH FUCK I moaned loudly tears forming in my clenched eye's it hurt like hell it's to big daddy I can't I squealed he moved his head towards me looked me in the eyes relax you'll enjoy it boy he said softly as he pushed into me more.

Read Tied TSF Virus Monogatari. Rope TSF Virus Monogatari.

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Suzy relane
Bro good hentai but please do another hentai with krissy lynn those are the bomb
Lacus clyne
Anymore of her