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#216894 - He drove his tongue into her pussy she moan holy fuck oh my god yes Yes YES he drove his tongue in more and begin eating her out she moan yes yes yes don’t fucking stop Don’t Fucking Stop he look at her while he was eating her out he was enjoying this more than her he close his eyes and growl deep into her pussy she moan and shuttered as this wild beast was fucking her like no tomorrow she moan yes Yes YES you fucking sexy wolf god I love you I Love You. Tailsa pull apart form Greywind and lay on top of him they were both tried as fuck Greywind was so happy having this sexy women on him was turning him on again soon he would fuck her again with that the wolf and Tailsa closed their eyes both happier than ever. She removed the towel as it felt to the floor Greywind then lay down on top of her body to keep her warm she kept moaning into his mouth as he kept growling and snarling into her mouth they pull apart as they looked into each other eyes she whisper god your sexy as hell fuck me

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