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#8681 - My name is Shelly I am thirty years old tall and slim other than my bump of a pregnant belly, with long red hair a large pair of heavy milk filled tits (34 E) and what most guys and girls think is a nice arse, I am also bisexual and I have always been a very sexual person, I have been with Mick for three years now and we found out I was pregnant seven months back and since then Mick has gone out of his way to avoid having sex with me which has left me frigging my permanently wet pussy four of five times a day and longing for a nice stiff cock to split me in two. But to my delight she just smiled and waved me over, Sean looked around and after a quick word or two with Lyndsey he called to me to come over and join them if I wanted, now as a rule I may be a slut but I wouldn’t do the dirty on Mick, but Sean’s cock was tempting me beyond belief and I found myself quickly making my way round to join them. Then it happened, Lyndsey looked directly at me and I froze still with my fingers

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Going through the same phase bro
Gou matsuoka
Gotta love latinas that can swallow dick