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#29136 - I remember getting home, taking off my swim suit, smelling the bottoms, how it smelled strongly of guys cum, I never had smelled a guys cum before that and like 5 years later when I smelled a guys cum next I had flashbacks of the scent of the first cum I ever smelled on my yellow bathing suit bottoms. I could feel the hard concrete under the towel as he pounded into me, my cute little behind rubbing against the towel hard, his hot breathe on my neck as he fucked me, I remember he was mumbling something as he fucked me I couldn't understand all of it, but I did make out the words tight and bitch, after like 3 minutes of this I just started to feel good again, then it was over he had cummed inside my extremely tight tiny little bald vagina and pulled out. I removed my white blouse, flip-flops and jean shorts.

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