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#26236 - I acted impulsively this time, I had lost my control that I usually had and as I spread her ass I pushed them wider than before. I was very tentative when I reached her pussy sliding my tongue across the outer folds of her cunt not pushing to the soft folds below, yet. I was in heaven! I was doing just like the porn mags described, eating her pussy (albeit a bit clumsily) but doing it none the less! I was just pushing my head up to the top of her buttocks again when I heard the engine of the car entering the driveway! They were home! We had lost track of time, normally she and I kept track and our little games and ended them 15 to twenty minutes before they got home, so we could get changed and pretend we had been doing the chores all along.

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He s really hot she s kinda gross
Hummm you are so hot baby