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#297342 - Thinking of karen I started getting aroused let me describe karen she is about 5ft8 with full blond hair she was a bit thick and in great shape due to the fact that she hit the gym she had big D cup breasts and a big round ass that was visible even when she wore loose skirts. After a while she was thrusting back to meet my strokes awww yhh fuck me terrence she was submitting and she was a bit of a screamer all of a sudden I felt her pussy tighten against my dick she shuddered and screamed again I lovvvvvveeee your coocccck I kept going when I felt my ball tighten I started shooting deep inside her when I was done as I started to get dressed I asked her about what she said when she came she now broke down and told me about how she had been raised with no direct affection from her parents as they always too busy going around the world in pursuit of money she said she had never really gotten along with anyone and she had not even had sex in 6months when I was done and leaving her off

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Tooyama kintarou
What would say people who are starving
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Thank you lovely x