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#132244 - is he okay? pointing to harvey no he is a little hong over i said tell him to have a cold shower and i will tell a maid to bring a big pot of coffee up mom talking of coffee she interupted and said you want a starbuck? i smiled said yes please when my mom left the house i let harvey sleep a bit longer until the coffee arrived i shaked harvey not stronly and said baby come get a shower harvey got up and toke a shower when he come out my bathroom i said here have some coffee handing him a cup harvey drank about 5 cups of coffee and said i feel loads better babe and kissed me i said baby you need to brush your teeth you have monster coffee breath harvey brushed his teeth and came back in he looked so hot in just his boxers i wanted him so bad. the next morning harvey woke up with a hang over and i had been awake for a few hours. i think harvey read my mind and started lowering his boxers he looked at me and said you want it i walked up to harvey and said no not rig

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