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#371141 - She had hastily put on a robe when she went to the door I told her to take it off she reluctantly did so with the gun waving in her face I then grabbed the hand cuffs that were sitting on her bed side table and made her move up on her bed face down and cuffed her to the bed I then removed the leg restraints from my bag and tied her feet to the corners spreading her out I could she how wet she was from me throw her around she always like it rough and got so wet when I muscled her around but there was still fear in her eyes I started undressing but kept the mask on and move up in between her legs smacking my dick against her perfect ass and leaned over and whispered in her ear how I was gonna fuck her so hard her face showed confusion she had recognized my voice but still in to much shock to realize it was me I slipped a blindfold over her eyes and got up I set up my iPad to capture this on tape I removed my mask picked up her vibrator then removed her blindfold she was so shocked to see

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Kurumi tokisaki
She kno what she doin