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#283098 - He did not need to say anything he just asserted his authority on me. I did not think about my husband, but wondered what my daughter would think if she ever walked in on me like this and that just about pushed me over the top and my whole body spasmed, crushing the two cocks inside me which in themselves were pushed over the top and I felt both cocks harden further and them spew their hot liquid deep inside me, maybe seeking out my unprotected ovaries. Behind us as I bounced Frank used his finger on my ass hole, spuring me on with new sensations, a jar of elbow grease lube had appeared and he used this to insert first one then two and finally three fingers in my forbidden and tight hole, each new digit was greeted with a gasp although I was not sure if the pain came from the manipulation of my breast or the insertions in my ass, whatever, it was sending waves of ecstacy through me.

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