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#200775 - . a member of AA he had been dry for nearly 12 years a widower for the past 8 years who had a daughter he had been visiting in Carolina when he met me he showed me a picture of his daughter and her twins Carla and Clara nicelooking kids i said yeah full of spunkhe laughed i fought off the urge to tell him that i almost added to their supply of spunk but i didnt Roger also made a point of letting me know he was silver creeks very own bookie taking bets on anything and everythnig i also noticed he was a chain smoker of chesterfields too i told him my story too andwas finishing up as we hit the cit limits of silver creek populatin 994 guess i mkae it 995 guess so roger said there wasnt much to thislittle backwater town we drove through downtown which consisted of a few old buildngs we then drove through asmall area of nice homes then hit themain artery which led to the interstate on this stretch of road was were everything literally was 2 bars the Pigs eye and t

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