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#227905 - I. Yes sir they say and they ship banks to the right and we make a 180 degree turn and go into jump just above the planet and within seconds we are 50 light years away from archonia then the message finally comes in full and shows the details and it will be hard since it involves a species that we encountered earlier known as anulians and the part that’s gunna be trouble is a large group of voidian rebels that has left the voidian empire and I’m concerned now that I see that the two forces have joined together it will be very hard. Just before I walked into the door that leads to the rest of ship, I see my personal mechanic/engineer working on my fighter Anubis he is a very special unit he has his own personality like the archangel and the Valkyrie, he can also transform into a walking robot with me as his pilot but he doesn’t need me to pilot him, like he has.

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She is so sexy
Mei narumiya
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