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#182676 - Tony and I knew where this was going and dropped our shorts and started to run around the table, we all had a good laugh and Linda came over to me and Yve went to Tony and both the girls landed big kissed on us. This put Tony and me off our game and couldn’t get a ball in. We soon had a good rhythm going and she was sucking and wanking my cock as I was licking and fingering her pussy, I could soon fill my balls starting to tingle and knew I was about to cum, Yve pick up on this and started to wank me faster, as I started to cum I berried my face in her pussy and shot my load in her mouth, she did a great job taking every last drop of my cum, just as I had finished she started to cum as well and she started to squirt her cum in my mouth, I made sure I took every drop just as she did as I didn’t want to be selfish.

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Kasumi fujii
You make me so hard you remember my mommy so much