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#320930 - The actual fucking was less than 2 minutes but you could see Toni’s expression when he first enters it was priceless and also when he came so quick the look of disappointment ,but as it goes she did everything I asked we watched and listened to the video and recordings many time before and during our own love making sessions so it was a success. We started to go out to the grocery stores again and play our little game we were back on tract for me to turn Toni into my sex slave that would do anything for me . I come in about 5 minutes later and I hear her coming at the top of her lungs screaming I am coming I run up the stairs and start to finger her wet pussy and lick and suck it she produced a condom which she says he insisted on to prove he did fuck her then she ripped my clothes off and fucked my brains out .

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Honoka kawai
This is my favorite dick
Fumika sagisawa
Twine came in handy