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#355131 - . Walking home and Mentally preparing for what I was about to do i noticed yellow tape in the ally and both police and people talking, yelling, and screaming so knowing what it was most likely about i just continued my way home to be stopped by another fucking person it was my mom crying and saying that my best friend had been brutally murdered and raped pretending to care i acted like I was to shocked for words it was getting close to five now I had my bat under my couch and was ready to have my way juline showed up at around five and i did the normal kissed her hug that bull shit ass she goes to sit down i grab the bat and hit her knocking her out cold i grab he limp but still alive body and drag her to my room were i tie her up and waite fir her to wake up. as i fuck this dead bitch named John his ass hole tore and blood filled his ass that was it I blew the biggest load in my life as i was cumming that was when I decided i would kill and fuck people for the rest of my life leavin

Read Reality 蟑狼肏逼记<西洋女怪盗+东瀛妖奇谭> - Original Exgirlfriend 蟑狼肏逼记<西洋女怪盗+东瀛妖奇谭>

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Nobody said it was a pizza she delivered
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Looks sooo gooood