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#243176 - Naga having to run a ways to catch up to Lina was still laughing, HAHAHAHA as they bumped into a man heading in the other direction, Hello ladies the man said in an almost faint whisper as he took in the sight on Naga and her outfit of very small tight black leather and a cape leaving very little to his imagination of what was hidden under that leather. Not even giving Lina a first look let alone a second, Excuse me? Lina said to the man who ignored her, EXCUSE ME! she yelled finally getting the man's attention from Naga and her huge breast's, What is it little girl? he asked, Lina turned bright red with looks that could kill any normal man as she started screaming, LITTLE GIRL!?, ohh your dead! she said as the man started to back up realizing he might just have made a mistake in his assessment of the young girl and her ability's. Lina placed the sharp end of the spit into Naga's pussy and pushed it in a few inches at a time savoring her power ove

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From the hentai you can see little but for 15 centimeters entered and i felt good
Yuu nishinoya
I like her she seems nice